Berger Lahr

Looking to repair your Bautz servo motor repair? Established in 1993; Accu Electric Motors is the leading servo repair facility for high quality service and performance in North America. 


Bautz repair  Your Bautz servo motor will be guaranteed for 1 year after the repair

Bautz buy new Bautz specific analysis will be performed on your motor to ensure it meets the factory specifications before it is released back to you

Bautz servo repair All work is done in house, including the basics of motor repair; rewind, machining, shaft repair, testing etc.

Bautz certified Don’t trust your Bautz servo motor to be repaired by a regular repair shop, bring it to the professionals, and get it done right the first time

Bautz repair centre Original equipment parts utilized

Bautz quality control Quality control ensures product meets OEM standards

ABB quality control We build, replace, service, rebuild, repair, regrind, recondition, refurbish, remanufacture, retrofit and overhaul all Bautz components.


Motor Repair Capabilities:

Winding Analysis
Infrared Analysis
Feedback devices repair
Run tests

Feedback device repair Capabilities:

Run tests


List of Part numbers repaired, but not limited to:

3-phase stepping motors
AC synchronous servomotors – Standard
AC synchronous servomotors – High Performance

DSM 4-05.1-1XX.X6 DSM 4-14.2-2XX.X4 SER 31117/4L5S-2400RPM
DSM 4-05.1-2XX.X6 DSM 4-14.3-2XX.X2 SER 31117/4L5S-4000RPM
DSM 4-05.2-1XX.X6 DSM 4-14.3-2XX.X3 SER 31117/4L7S-1250RPM
DSM 4-05.2-2XX.X6 DSM 4-14.3-2XX.X4 SER 31117/4L7S-2250RPM
DSM 4-05.3-1XX.X6 DSM 4-14.4-2XX.X2 SER 31117-3S
DSM 4-05.3-2XX.X6 DSM 4-14.4-2XX.X3 SER 31117-5S
DSM 4-05.4-1XX.X6 DSM 4-19.1-2XX.X1 SER 31117-7S
DSM 4-05.4-2XX.X6 DSM 4-19.1-2XX.X2 SER 31122/4L5S-2250RPM
DSM 4-07.1-1XX.X4 DSM 4-19.1-2XX.X3 SER 31122/4L5S-4000RPM
DSM 4-07.1-1XX.X6 DSM 4-19.1-2XX.X4 SER 31122/4L7S-1000RPM
DSM 4-07.1-2XX.X4 DSM 4-19.2-2XX.X1 SER 31122/4L7S-2000RPM
DSM 4-07.1-2XX.X6 DSM 4-19.2-2XX.X2 SER 31122-5S
DSM 4-07.2-1XX.X4 DSM 4-19.2-2XX.X3 SER 31122-7S
DSM 4-07.2-1XX.X6 IFA 61/../5D SER 31127/4L5D-4000RPM
DSM 4-07.2-2XX.X4 IFA 62/../5D SER 31127/4L7S-1100RPM
DSM 4-07.2-2XX.X6 IFAN 61/2XXXXXXX/3D SER 31127/4L7S-2000RPM
DSM 4-07.3-1XX.X4 IFAN 61/2XXXXXXX/5D SER 31127-5D
DSM 4-07.3-1XX.X6 IFAN 61/4XXXXXXX/3D SER 31127-7S
DSM 4-07.3-2XX.X4 IFAN 61/4XXXXXXX/5D SER 3610/3S
DSM 4-07.3-2XX.X6 IFAN 62/2XXXXXXX/3D SER 3610/5S
DSM 4-09.1-1XX.X3 IFAN 62/2XXXXXXX/5D SER 3610/7S
DSM 4-09.1-1XX.X4 IFAN 62/4XXXXXXX/3D SER 364/3S
DSM 4-09.1-1XX.X6 IFAN 62/4XXXXXXX/5D SER 364/5S
DSM 4-09.1-2XX.X3 IFE 71/../V-018 SER 364/7S
DSM 4-09.1-2XX.X4 IFE 71/../V-038 SER 366/3S
DSM 4-09.1-2XX.X6 IFE 71/../V-054 SER 366/5S
DSM 4-09.2-1XX.X3 IFE 71/../V-115 SER 366/7S
DSM 4-09.2-1XX.X4 IFS 61.. SER 368/3S
DSM 4-09.2-1XX.X6 IFS 62.. SER 368/5S
DSM 4-09.2-2XX.X3 IFS 63.. SER 368/7S
DSM 4-09.2-2XX.X4 RIG 31112-3S SER 3910/4L3S-4000RPM
DSM 4-09.2-2XX.X6 RIG 31112-5S SER 3910/4L3S-6000RPM
DSM 4-09.3-2XX.X3 RIG 31112-7S SER 3910/4L7S-2200RPM
DSM 4-09.3-2XX.X4 RIG 31117-3S SER 3910/4L7S-4000RPM
DSM 4-09.3-2XX.X6 RIG 31117-5S SER 3913/4L3S-4000RPM
DSM 4-09.4-2XX.X3 RIG 31122-5S SER 3913/4L3S-6000RPM
DSM 4-09.4-2XX.X4 RIG 31122-7S SER 3913/4L5S-2500RPM
DSM 4-09.4-2XX.X6 RIG 3910-3S SER 3913/4L5S-4500RPM
DSM 4-11.1-2XX.X3 RIG 3910-7S SER 3913/4L7S-1250RPM
DSM 4-11.1-2XX.X4 RIG 3913-3S SER 3913/4L7S-2300RPM
DSM 4-11.1-2XX.X6 RIG 3913-5S SER 3916/4L5S-3000RPM
DSM 4-11.2-2XX.X3 RIG 397-3S SER 3916/4L5S-5000RPM
DSM 4-11.2-2XX.X4 RIG 397-7S SER 397/4L3S
DSM 4-11.2-2XX.X6 SER 31112/4L3S-4000RPM SER 397/4L7S-3800RPM
DSM 4-11.3-2XX.X3 SER 31112/4L3S-6000RPM SER 397/4L7S-6000RPM
DSM 4-11.3-2XX.X4 SER 31112/4L5S-2200RPM VRDM 31117LWC
DSM 4-11.3-2XX.X6 SER 31112/4L5S-4000RPM VRDM 31122LWC
DSM 4-11.4-2XX.X3 SER 31112/4L7S-1000RPM VRDM 364LNC
DSM 4-11.4-2XX.X4 SER 31112/4L7S-2000RPM VRDM 366LNC
DSM 4-14.1-2XX.X2 SER 31112-3S VRDM 368LWC
DSM 4-14.1-2XX.X3 SER 31112-5S VRDM 3910LWC
DSM 4-14.1-2XX.X4 SER 31112-7S VRDM 3913LWC
DSM 4-14.2-2XX.X2 SER 31117/4L3S-3300RPM VRDM 397LWC
DSM 4-14.2-2XX.X3 SER 31117/4L3S-6000RPM